18 in 1 SOS Survival Card Deliverable


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The 18 in 1 SOS Survival Card is a compact, multi-functional tool designed to assist in various emergency situations. It typically includes features such as:

1. Knife edge
2. Can opener
3. Bottle opener
4. Screwdriver tip
5. Ruler
6. Butterfly wrench
7. Saw blade
8. Direction indicator
9. 2-position wrench
10. Keychain hole
11. Position wrench
12. Lanyard hole
13. Hexagon wrench (4 sizes)
14. Sun compass
15. Emergency whistle
16. Fire starter flint
17. Flint scraper
18. Signal mirror

This survival card is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry in a wallet, pocket, or backpack. It’s designed to be versatile and can be useful in various outdoor activities, emergencies, or survival situations.

If you’re looking to purchase or obtain one, you may find it in outdoor or survival gear stores, as well as online marketplaces.


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